NLPBOTS integrate with your online product or service; web, intranet or mobile, to
give your users an always available help feature via an intelligent chat-bot interface.
NLPBOTS continuously learn from their interactions with users and give businesses the opportunity
to analyse and build on product or service features that drive efficiency and engagement.

Intelligent Conversations. Automated



Key Applications

  • Shopping Assistants
  • Customer Support
  • Recommendation Engines
  • E-Learning Assistants
  • Image Identification/Recognition
  • Customer Verification and Fraud Detection
  • Personal Finance Advisor
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    Enterprise Ecosystems

    Make intranet ecosystems and employee knowledge sharing more usable, real-time and effective. NLPBOTS integrates with Intranet data (structured & unstructured) to provide your users access to relevant information via connected applications using natural language queries. Built-in analytics helps identify areas of improvement and drive initiatives to update your knowledge pool easily.

    E-commerce Webs

    E-businesses get enabled with always available intelligent service staff (bots) that deal with customer queries across the globe. NLPBOTS make it super easy for customers to discover products, transact and coordinate after sales requirements. Engage and evolve with your consumer requirements; drive huge user experience based loyalty growth.

    Customer Support

    Product & service support integrations for websites and contact centers. Customers directly chat with your Bots to get product and service related queries answered. Get 24x7 intelligent support online. Build efficiency and scale easily for multiple support processes.

    E- Commerce Webs

    The biggest challenge e-buisnesses have today is that of knowing the user on their e-store, and being able to help them discover the product or service that they need. NLPBOTS make it super easy...

    Banking with Intelligent bots

    Customers want to feel cared for and valued. They want a personal experience. Customers relate to and value 60% more experiences that involve some form of personalised interactions as memorable...

    Get the AI advantage for your business



    Your NLPBOT is smart and always learning from its interactions with your users. You get access to critical data about how your users interact with your product and service. This data insight helps your team plan iterations and new feature development based on what users really need, instead of what they ‘may’ need.


    Your active users become your test/feedback audience, saving you critical time for feedback, product review cycles and new development cost. You save on large support centers to deal with live help questions.


    Our bot technology integrates with all types of databases and ecosystems. Integration process is customized to the data insights that are required by the business/service that you run. See a change in the business landscape? We can customize the hooks for you to see a new set of analytics from your system. The best part – you have complete control of all your data at all times.

    Engage with customers across all media

    NLPBOTS integrates easily with your website, mobile applications as well as collaborative or social platforms. Leverage the power of intelligent bots across Slack, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, and more