Building technology to make man-machine conversations intuitive and meaningful.

Light Information Systems has been in the forefront of AI NLP R&D for the last 5 years. We have developed technology for Semantic understanding of Structured & Unstructured data along with our Proprietary Neural networks to enable enterprise stakeholders to interact and converse with AI NLP assistants for help and transactions in different areas.

Our flagship product NLPBots has been deployed across leading enterprises with a global footprint, thereby driving significant process and cost efficiencies across various functions. Light Information Systems was Selected among the top 20 AI companies in the world by Voice and Data and CIO review in 2017, and has been awarded the AI gamechanger Award by NASSCOM for 2018. Recognized by NASSCOM, badged AI Game Changer Awards 2018.



NLP AI will drive the next wave of tech

  • Invested US $600k
  • New UI UX evolution
  • Only Biggies in the space



50+ man years of R&D

  • 40+ new algorithms created in house.
  • LightApp answering engine released and pivots in 4 months to B2B space
  • Funding from Private Investors in tech


NLPBOTS Pre-beta

  • Understanding Language, Sentiment, Conversations, Images
  • Own deep learning Algorithms
  • User Pilots across 3 verticals



NLPBOTS platform for ITES & SIs

  • Use cases across HR, Customer Care, Marketing
  • Sales Scalable platform for IT Partners to build complex solutions.
Our Vision

To be at the forefront of building technology that enables intuitive man-machine interactions across enterprise.