Customer centric processes

Delight your customers with personalized experiences
Customer centric processes
Processes that could be triggered by a customer or visitor can be all linked to the same omnichannel chatbot interface. This means that the customer gets prompts on availability, pending tasks, status etc. and no longer need to depend on humans to address their QRC everytime he / she needs to buy or request a service.
Showcase a customer focused brand
Easily handle peak volumes associated with business scale while ensuring every customer is serviced well. Build strong customer loyalty.
Be available across channels
Simple integrations for an omni-channel presence across web, app, email, SFB, Telegram, etc.
Leverage existing CRMs to drive impact
NLPBOTS integrates with Salesforce, custom CRMs, etc. to support to existing workflows as well as delivering personalized proactive messaging for customers.
Get instant customer feedback
Real-time customer sentiment and messages. Build custom surveys for your brand for additional data insights.
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Customer centric processes
Your customers want you when things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. Here’s how you can become their personal assistant and address their QR instantly.