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The biggest challenge e-buisnesses have today is that of knowing the user on their e-store, and being able to help them discover the product or service that they need. NLPBOTS® make it super easy for sees to discover products through natural language conversation, customise their purchase and coordinate after purchase queries, all with a single tap or click.

Businesses can now engage in a natural way with users through conversations, while learning a lot more about each and every one that visits their e-store. Most importantly, businesses can now be always available on live chat, with each and every visitor getting access to personalised assistants for their product or service needs.

Conversational commerce,
the future of shopping experience

A.I. e-commerce store assistants are NLPBOTS® trained to engage visitors in an e-commerce store. The bot is similar to your real-life in-store assistant, but better; it knows all about the business, including the catalog and product mix, the best trends across categories, as well as the status of all the orders and other customer support related information at any time. In time, your bot will also know your visitors and customers well enough to offer highly personalized recommendations that actually matter, thus ensuring that your e-store becomes their preferred destination to shop at.

Power Custom Engagement.
Grow Sales and Loyalty

With conversational e-commerce assistants, businesses can effectively engage every user through the process of browsing catalogs, finding specific products or services, making the buying decision, and availing customer support.

    • 24 x 7 Availability
    • Right time right place
      redommendations for
      better sales
    • Increased Customer Loyalty
    • Real time analytics

1. Initial customer engagement


2. The Sale


3. Post Sales Engagement


Smart Customer Engagement for your e-Business