Employee centric processes

A 24x7 Personalized Assistant for every employee!
Employee engagement
Processes that need to be triggered by an employee or that have an employee in the loop can be all linked to the same chatbot interface. This means that the employee gets prompts on pending tasks and no longer need to access systems everytime he / she needs to launch or complete a process.
Varied use cases
Users can interact with NLPBOTS® to ask about company policy that relates to them, leave and benefits information and much more. The system can be configured to offer personalized information depending on the user profile/level in the organization.
NLPBOTS® integrates with your website, mobile applications as well as collaborative or social platforms. Leverage the power of intelligent bots across Slack, Facebook, Skype, Telegram and more.
Transaction management
Employees in any enterprise can now easily manage transactions related to HR. Leave applications, claim reimbursements, payroll process related actions, etc., are easily managed by the AI NLP powered system.
High user engagement
Highly personalized and intuitive interactions make NLPBOTS® powered enterprise applications highly utility based, and focused on delivering value in terms of user delight in addition to process and cost efficiency. Customizable experiences across business functions make the system powerful for a wide range of users.
Intelligent algorithms
NLPBOTS® powered Employee assistants have deep learning capabilities in addition to their NLP driven conversational abilities, that make them intelligent like no other. NLPBOTS® learn from every interaction across various functions and uses the learning to further personalize the overall experience for each user and/or function. For eg: if more users apply for a type of reimbursement or claim at a particular time of the month, the system will learn to prompt that facility to a particular profile of users over time.
Easy integrations
NLPBOTS® easily integrates with globally popular enterprise HR products such as HRMS, LMS, ATS, DMS, etc. This helps enterprises leverage user and process data to deliver highly focused experiences across their Automation initiatives. NLPBOTS® powerful algorithms work with both structured and unstructured data sources to deliver potent application experiences. Integrations via Web Services and APIs are available for the following products, with many more being added.
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Case Studies
Employee centric processes
Employees spend a lot of time with operational issues and that impacts their productivity by bringing it down by at least 30%. Check out how its possible to reduce that by actually involving fewer resources.