Insights and Other Processes

AI NLP for intelligent sales and marketing
Insight Assist
Apart from the above there are several processes as part of operations, finance, and marketing that are predominantly backend. Analysts, Market researchers, Accounts teams, etc. use these processes to optimise their effectiveness. This section covers those processes and they are many times used to compliment the processes mentioned in other pages.
Build custom reports in seconds based on custom searches.
Customize insights across different business groups and functions
Export snippets to excel/email
Integrates with Sharepoint repositories
Generate custom heatmaps and recommendations by company
Combine information from various sources & build custom reports
Integrates with Skype for business, CRM, LMS, Sharepoint, AD, etc
Export reports to PPT, PDF and share on linked accounts
Custom insights via Sales Force (SFDC) integration
Query and build custom reports for any company / product/vertical
Quick access to specific playbooks by client and product
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Case Studies
Insights and other processes
If you want a bunch of data to be collected from dynamic resources both internal and external and squeeze it for insights this is how you can use the NLPBOTS platform to do just that. Our clients use it for Marketing insights, Drug reporting and various other use cases including Financing risk assessment etc.